United Imaging Unveils a Full Portfolio of Products at CMEF 2023

United Imaging unveiled its full range of products, including PET/CT, PET/MR, MR, CT, DR, RT, and digital solutions, at the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) recently, highlighting the products' AI capacity across modalities.

The booth was divided into three main areas: integrated diagnosis and treatment, precision diagnosis, and prospective research. United Imaging's most cutting-edge technologies were on display, including the world's first total-body PET/CT uEXPLORER®, the uMR® Jupiter 5.0T, uMI Panorama™, and the ultra-high-field preclinical 9.4T MR, to name a few. Many of the offerings incorporated AI capabilities, which are designed to provide clinicians with more accurate and efficient tools for diagnosing and treating a variety of clinical scenarios.

One standout product was the uRT-linac 506c, an innovative medical linear accelerator (LINAC) device from United Imaging. This device combines a state-of-the-art linear accelerator with a diagnostic CT imager, providing a seamless workflow from simulation to treatment. The uRT-linac 506c features the one-stop RT Solution that reshapes the workflow of radiotherapy, taking only a few minutes from CT simulation to treatment delivery, opening the next generation of personalized precision radiotherapy.

Another eye-catching feature at the booth was the uHOR Cube Integrated Operating Room, a revolutionary operating room that integrates the latest and most advanced imaging equipment, surgical robots, navigation systems, and other therapeutic devices.

With a 75 cm aperture intraoperative MR, the first of its kind in the industry, and a CT scanner integrated with a robotic arm, uHOR Cube Integrated Operating Room offers unparalleled imaging capabilities that can support multi-disciplinary sub-mm precision surgery. The room also features a 10-axis DSA system that provides the most extensive freedom of movement and operation space in the industry.

Using cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, AI, blockchain, AR/VR, and more, uHOR Cube Integrated Operating Room provides a complete solution for emergency and clinical procedures. By enabling precision treatment, clinical integration, and minimally invasive surgery, uHOR Cube Integrated Operating Room can help us improve efficiency and success rates of operations while also enhancing postoperative recovery.

The company's AI platforms that were featured at the booth, including the uAIFI, uEXCEL, and uSENSE, together enhance the performance and efficiency of our MI, MR, and CT equipment. For example, the uExcel platform was highlighted for its hardware and software innovations that optimize performance, imaging capabilities, system functionalities, and patient safety. The platform's UDP detector features a high-performance event read-out and processing ASIC chip, while its AI-empowered uExcel Scan workflow streamlines operations and enhances examination efficiency. Additionally, the ACS technology, which is part of the uAIFI platform, is the world's first AI-assisted MR acceleration technology for both 2D and 3D imaging. These advanced AI capabilities are well-demonstrated in several clinical scenarios such as tumor cardiovascular and neurosurgery detection.

"Amidst a technological and intellectual awakening, we are ushering in a new era of innovative paradigms rooted in integrated technologies. Over the past few years, we have developed a group-wide strategy that focuses on imaging diagnostic and treatment tools, surgical robots, wearable medical tech, AI, chips, and imaging diagnosis center services. Moving forward, United Imaging Group will leverage the power of our super innovation cluster to expand beyond imaging and promote integration within medical treatment. This will inject a surge of vitality into the high-quality development of the healthcare industry," highlighted Dr. Xue Min, Chairman of United Imaging Group.

Currently, more than 23,600 United Imaging products are in service across 10,700 hospitals and research institutions in 59 countries and regions worldwide, including China, the U.S., Europe, Japan, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. Additionally, the company has established extensive collaborations with world-renowned clinical and scientific research institutions such as Yale University, Washington University in St. Louis, and the University of Texas, among others.

(Notes: Products and features mentioned here may not be commercially available in all countries.)